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"A Medieval Spirit in the Modern World"
Richard Hofstadter, review of Vida Dutton Scudder, "On Journey," New York Herald Tribune, April 18, 1937.

Academic Survivals of Predatory Traits, page one
Satirical description of the world of academia, written by Richard Hofstadter around 1940.

America at 1750 Book Jacket
America at 1750 review in The New York Times, November 21, 1971.

American Political Tradition Book Jacket.
Book jacket for Richard Hofstadter's copy of The American Political Tradition and the Men Who Made It, original edition, 1940s.

Anti-ROTC Petition, 1935
National Student League petition against Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) programs on college campuses, 1935. That year, Richard Hofstadter headed the NSL strike publicity committee at the University of Buffalo and helped to coordinate the…

Authors Guild membership card, 1966
Richard Hofstadter's Authors Guild membership card, 1966.

The English Octopus
This cartoon depicting the extent of the Rothschild family's control of the global economy was published in the Populist author William Hope Harvey's 1894 book, Coin's Financial School.

Letter to David Truman (page one)
Items relating to the aftermath of the "Columbia Crisis" of the spring of 1968: (1) a two-page letter written by Richard Hofstadter to David Truman, Vice President of Columbia University, in which he proposes several reforms to the university…

Box 27 Columbia 1968 - 0005.jpg
Items relating to the "Columbia Crisis" in the spring of 1968. (1) telegram to Richard Hofstadter, from University President Grayson Kirk, announcing an emergency faculty meeting; (2) statement signed by Hofstadter and other faculty in support of…

Statement Condemning Hofstadter, May 1968
Items relating to Richard Hofstadter's commencement speech at Columbia University, June 1968: (1) statement, issued by student protesters, condemning Hofstadter for his support of the university administration's response to demonstrations on campus;…

Letter to Elizabeth Sutherland
Two different letters from Richard Hofstadter, both from April 1968, concerning Black Panther Party leader and author Eldridge Cleaver. Hofstadter donated to Cleaver's defense fund following a shootout between several members of the Panthers,…

Letter from Woodward, page one
Correspondence between Richard Hofstadter and historian C. Vann Woodward regarding a draft of Hofstadter's book, Anti-Intellectualism in American Life, May 1962.

Correspondence with Harvey Swados, 1965
Correspondence between Richard Hofstadter and the left-wing writer and critic Harvey Swados regarding The Paranoid Style in American Politics in late 1965.

Cover page ofThe American Political Tradition, unpublished introduction.
The cover page of Richard Hofstadter's unpublished introduction to The American Political Tradition, with marginalia and drawings by the author.

Cover page, "William Leggett, Spokesman of Jacksonian Democracy"
Cover of Hofstadter's article, "William Leggett, Spokesman of Jacksonian Democracy," in Political Science Quarterly, December, 1943.

Memo from Eric L. McKitrick regarding research forThe Age of Reform(page one)
Notes taken by Eric L. McKitrick for Richard Hofstadter's The Age of Reform.

Evicted sharecroppers along Highway 60, New Madrid County, Missouri
Photograph of evicted sharecroppers, 1939.

Extreme Right Memo
A report on right-wing extremism that Richard Hofstadter wrote for the Fund for the Republic in 1957.

The Forces of Liberation
This note appears to have been left in Richard Hofstadter's office following the occupation of several buildings on the Columbia Campus in April 1968. The reverse side of the page shows that the note was folded up into a paper airplane.

High School Commencement Program, page one
Program for Hofstadter's commencement ceremony, Fosdick-Masten Park High School, June, 1933.

High School Yearbook Photo
Yearbook photograph of Richard Hofstadter in the Fosdick-Masten Park High School Chronicle, 1933.

Hofstadter discussing The Idea of A Party System
Richard Hofstadter discussing his 1969 book, The Idea of A Party System, with historian John A. Garraty. This is one of a series of interviews that Garraty conducted with other academic historians as part of his series, the American Historians…

The Congressional Record - House, 10339
Richard Hofstadter honored in the United States House of Representatives, as recorded in The Congressional Record, November 16, 1970.

Interview with Eric Foner about the Columbia Crisis of 1968
Interview conducted by Professor Michael J. Birkner with Professor Eric Foner, November 19, 1992, regarding Richard Hofstadter and the historic student demonstrations at Columbia University in the spring of 1968.

Jefferson's Ideas on Class Relations
"Jefferson's Ideas of Class Relations," an essay written by Richard Hofstadter for a graduate seminar in intellectual history taught by Merle Curti at Columbia University in the late 1930s.
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