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"History Debunked Realistically but to Excess." Review of The American Political Tradition.
1948 review of The American Political Tradition, with accompanying photograph of Richard Hofstadter. Publication unknown.

Hostile letter in response to The American Political Tradition (page 1 of 3)
Hostile letter to Richard Hofstadter in response to his 1948 book, The American Political Tradition.

Review ofAmerican Political TraditioninThe NewYork Herald Tribune, September 19, 1948.
Review of American Political Tradition in The New York Herald Tribune (Weekly Book Review), September 19, 1948, written by Avery Craven.

"Politics and Classes," Review ofThe American Political Tradition
Included below are (1) "Politics and Classes," a review of The American Political Tradition in The New International, a Trotskyist newspaper; (2) reviews of the same book from The Washington Star and The Columbus Dispatch, Sept. 26, 1948; (3) "Some…

Review ofThe Ageof Reformin Newsweek, October 31, 1955
A selection of reviews of Richard Hofstadter's Pullitzer Prize-winning 1955 book, The Age of Reform, from assorted publications across the United States.

"American Liberalism from Bryan to Wilson," University College London, Spring, 1955
An assortment of programs and announcements of lectures given by Richard Hofstadter between 1955 and 1969.

"From Calhoun to the Dixiecrats"
Cover page of a draft of Richard Hofstadter's article, "From Calhoun to the Dixiecrats," which appeared in the June 1949 issue of Social Research.

Mencken at typewriter.jpg
Portrait photograph taken in 1913 of a young H. L. (Henry Louis) Mencken working at his typewriter in the Baltimore Sun office. He holds a corncob pipe in his hand. The Sun offices were then located in a building on…

Felice Swados Writing Novel
Felice Swados Writing Novel, 1940. Oil on canvas by Margaret LeFranc.

Felice Swados, Reform School Girl
Cover image of Felice Swados's Reform School Girl from 1948, originally published in 1941 as House of Fury.

Evicted sharecroppers along Highway 60, New Madrid County, Missouri
Photograph of evicted sharecroppers, 1939.

Photo of William Graham Sumner
William Graham Sumner, apostle of rugged individualism in the Gilded Age.

Photograph of Richard Hofstadter, ca. 1948
Photograph of Richard Hofstadter, ca. 1948, which accompanied a review of The American Political Tradition entitled "History Debunked Realistically but to Excess."

President Harry S. Truman Signing National Security Act Amendment of 1949
President Harry S. Truman, with military advisors, signing the National Security Act Amendment of 1949. Under his administration, military operations were expanded and consolidated into a single, unified Department of Defense.

Cover page ofThe American Political Tradition, unpublished introduction.
The cover page of Richard Hofstadter's unpublished introduction to The American Political Tradition, with marginalia and drawings by the author.

High School Yearbook Photo
Yearbook photograph of Richard Hofstadter in the Fosdick-Masten Park High School Chronicle, 1933.

Research Proposal, early 1950s
Research proposal sent by Richard Hofstadter to the Council for Research in the Social Sciences for a project to be called "The Significance of Status in American History."

The Age of Reform, Japanese edition (front cover)
Japanese edition of Richard Hofstadter's Age of Reform, printed in 1967.

Pulitzer Prize recognition
Certificate from Columbia University in recognition of Richard Hofstadter's 1956 Pulitzer Prize, which was awarded for The Age of Reform.

The English Octopus
This cartoon depicting the extent of the Rothschild family's control of the global economy was published in the Populist author William Hope Harvey's 1894 book, Coin's Financial School.

Memo from Eric L. McKitrick regarding research forThe Age of Reform(page one)
Notes taken by Eric L. McKitrick for Richard Hofstadter's The Age of Reform.

Richard Hofstadter Discussing Thomas Cole, 1954
Audio recording of Richard Hofstadter discussing the nineteenth-century American landscape painter Thomas Cole on a 1964 broadcast of a radio program entitled "Perspectives in American Art." On the program, Hofstadter describes a work painted by Cole…

Richard Hofstadter and A.J. Ayer, Toronto, 1967
Richard Hofstadter speaking with British philosopher A.J. Ayer in Toronto. Image appeared in the University of Toronto Graduate, April 1968.

Current Biographyprofile photograph
Profile of Richard Hofstadter in Current Biography, October 1956.
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