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Mencken at typewriter.jpg
Portrait photograph taken in 1913 of a young H. L. (Henry Louis) Mencken working at his typewriter in the Baltimore Sun office. He holds a corncob pipe in his hand. The Sun offices were then located in a building on…

Students Fight War
Front page of a National Student League anti-war pamphlet, 1935.

List of Historians Who Marched From Selma to Montgomery, page one
A list of American historians who participated in the historic march for African-American civil rights in Alabama, March 25, 1965

National Student League membership application form, 1935
National Student League membership application form, 1935. Richard Hofstadter headed the University of Buffalo chapter of the organization that year.

President Harry S. Truman Signing National Security Act Amendment of 1949
President Harry S. Truman, with military advisors, signing the National Security Act Amendment of 1949. Under his administration, military operations were expanded and consolidated into a single, unified Department of Defense.

Richard Hofstadter and A.J. Ayer, Toronto, 1967
Richard Hofstadter speaking with British philosopher A.J. Ayer in Toronto. Image appeared in the University of Toronto Graduate, April 1968.

"Academic Freedom in the University," page one
Copy of Richard Hofstadter's commencement address at the University of California, Berkeley, in May 1967. Hofstadter discussed academic freedom in the university, touching on many of the same ideas that he would again emphasize at his famous Columbia…

The Genteel Reformers
"Idealists and Professors and Sore-heads," an article by Richard Hofstadter that appeared in Columbia University Forum, Spring 1962.

Correspondence with Harvey Swados, 1965
Correspondence between Richard Hofstadter and the left-wing writer and critic Harvey Swados regarding The Paranoid Style in American Politics in late 1965.

Letter to David Truman (page one)
Items relating to the aftermath of the "Columbia Crisis" of the spring of 1968: (1) a two-page letter written by Richard Hofstadter to David Truman, Vice President of Columbia University, in which he proposes several reforms to the university…

Cover of A People and a Nation
Documents relating to A People and A Nation, a 1971 United States history textbook co-authored by Richard Hofstadter and Clarence ver Steeg.

"The Paranoid Style in American Politics"
Original edition of Richard Hofstadter's famous essay, "The Paranoid Style in American Politics," which appeared in Harper's magazine, November, 1964.

Curriculum vitae, Spring 1970
Richard Hofstadter's curriculum vitae, drafted in 1970 shortly before his death.

Van Am Award acceptance speech
Draft of a speech that Richard Hofstadter delivered in May 5, 1970, upon receiving a Van Am Award from Columbia University for his 1969 book, The Idea of A Party System.

"The Age of Rubbish" (page one)
Full text of Richard Hofstadter's article, "The Age of Rubbish," which appeared in Newsweek, July 4, 1970.

Letter to Elizabeth Sutherland
Two different letters from Richard Hofstadter, both from April 1968, concerning Black Panther Party leader and author Eldridge Cleaver. Hofstadter donated to Cleaver's defense fund following a shootout between several members of the Panthers,…

Letter Concerning Campus Demonstrations, 1967 (page one)
A two-page letter from Richard Hofstadter to Columbia University President Grayson Kirk regarding the punishment of antiwar undergraduates who protested CIA recruitment on campus in February, 1967.

Box 22 Misc. reviews and articles written for various publications Letter to NYT.jpg
Letter from Richard Hofstadter to the editors of The New York Times regarding Arizona senator Barry Goldwater, June 16, 1964.

Extreme Right Memo
A report on right-wing extremism that Richard Hofstadter wrote for the Fund for the Republic in 1957.

Statement on Loyalty Oaths
A statement by Richard Hofstadter declaring his opposition to student loyalty oaths, 1960. Also included is a copy of a loyalty oath form, which was required as part of the National Defense Education Act of 1958.

Composition notebook containing notes for Richard Hofstadter's 1963 book, Anti-Intellectualism in American Life.

Das Land Lincolns:Cover
Lecture by Richard Hofstadter translated into German for a radio broadcast on Westdeutscher Rundfunk, December 4, 1959. Published by Amerika-Haus Köln, February 1960).

Richard Hofstadter Discussing Thomas Cole, 1954
Audio recording of Richard Hofstadter discussing the nineteenth-century American landscape painter Thomas Cole on a 1964 broadcast of a radio program entitled "Perspectives in American Art." On the program, Hofstadter describes a work painted by Cole…

The Age of Reform, Japanese edition (front cover)
Japanese edition of Richard Hofstadter's Age of Reform, printed in 1967.

Research Proposal, early 1950s
Research proposal sent by Richard Hofstadter to the Council for Research in the Social Sciences for a project to be called "The Significance of Status in American History."
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